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20 Famous Female Rottweiler Names

Female Rottweiler names are tough to find because males heavily dominate the Rottweiler breed.

However, a few female Rottweilers have managed to make a name for themselves in the dog world.

Let’s explore some of the female rottweiler names and why they may or may not be appropriate for your own pup!

Female rottweilers were given male-sounding names until recently when people started giving them more feminine ones like Bella, which comes from the German word meaning “beautiful.

” Other common female Rottie names include Brandy, Lola, Molly and Sadie.

There are many other less popular female Rottie names out there. If you can’t find one that suits your dog, the Internet is your best bet. If you want to call her by a special name but can’t find one that fits, opt for calling her “baby” or “sweetie.”

Titles or power words usually inspire male Rottweiler names.

For example, Kaiser (emperor), Sultan (ruler), and Lord.

Other male Rottie names include Apollo (god of the sun in Greek mythology), Alex (defending men), and Thor (the Norse god of thunder).

Female Rottweiler Names

You should keep in mind that while some females have managed to make a name for themselves.  Other female Rottweilers are unfortunately used as breeding machines in puppy mills.


1. Luna

Luna is an excellent name for any dog, but it is especially suitable for a Rottweiler.

The name means “Moon” in Latin, so it especially fits a dog born at night.

Luna also means “Mistress of the Moon“, which is a pretty big deal if you consider how much power the moon has over our own lives and those of dogs as well!

2. Vega

Vega was one of the brightest stars in the night sky, and it took on a special significance during some earlier civilizations.

In Babylonian times, for example, Vega represented a shepherd’s crook. It is also the brightest star in the constellation Lyra.

The female rottweiler name “Vega” can be used for both male and female dogs, so it makes for an excellent Rottweiler name!

3. Elsa

The Elsa was part of an avalanche rescue dog team in Alaska during World War II, and quite a few dogs have been named after her.

Elsa was incredibly adept at finding survivors, which made her a huge asset to the team. While it is true that there are probably better Rottweiler names out there, Elsa makes for an excellent choice if you want to give your dog a strong name!

4. Kira

Kira was a Russian Rottweiler who became an internet sensation when she rescued a little boy who had fallen into a frozen pond.

The young boy fell through the ice near where Kira was walking with her owner, so Kira dove in and pulled him out. She wasn’t even wearing a lifejacket or anything – it was truly incredible!

5. Tess

As with Elsa, there are probably better Rottweiler names out there. However, “Tess” is a pretty cute name and works well for any girl dog.

6. Renee

Renee was a Rottweiler who entertained sick children in hospitals by wearing different costumes and keeping them distracted from their illnesses.

Dog Renee was incredibly patient with the children, and she made a huge difference in their lives.

While it may not be the best choice for a family dog, “Renee” is a great name for a Rottweiler who works as an entertainer or runs her own business.

7. Oprah

Oprah was a Rottweiler who rose to prominence when she rescued her owner from a gang of attackers.

Dog Oprah was also used in the United States Army to help provide therapy for wounded veterans who had been injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. The name “Oprah” is extremely suitable for a Rottweiler, and it carries lots of weight because people associate it with that famous talk show host.

8. Odyssey

Odyssey was a Rottweiler who served in the United States Navy.

While working for the US, she was an excellent search and rescue dog, and she also acted as a therapy dog by visiting the wounded at Walter Reed Hospital.

The name “Odyssey” is especially suitable for a female Rottweiler, a rescue dog in the military.

9. Bess

Bess was a Rottweiler used in World War I to find mines and other explosives, which she did with incredible accuracy.

She even received a medal for her efforts. A female Rottweiler with this name will likely have an excellent sense of smell, so it is best for a dog who can use that sense to sniff out drugs or bombs.

Bess also means “to bless“, which is an excellent name for a female Rottweiler who helps people somehow.

10. Nala

Nala was the queen of the pride in Disney’s The Lion King, so it makes for an excellent name for a female dog who rules over her friends!

11. Koko

Francine “Penny” Patterson trained Koko to communicate with humans via American Sign Language.

She also could understand more than 1,000 words of spoken English. She was brilliant and understood context as well as individual words. While it may not be an excellent choice for a family pet, “Koko” is certainly appropriate if you own a Rottweiler who has similar intelligence-related skills!

12. Fifi

This was the Rottweiler of Queen Elizabeth II of England, and several other members of royalty have kept this breed by their sides since Fifi’s death in 1988! It makes for an excellent name if you own a regal female Rottweiler.

13. Abbey

The abbey where Rose of Sharon lived with her husband and newborn son is the main setting in John Steinbeck’s novel, The Grapes of Wrath.

This strong name will perfectly suit your tough and independent dog!

14. Helga

Helga was a Rottweiler that worked for the German Army during World War II. She could carry machine guns and ammunition to soldiers that were involved in a battle.

The name “Helga” is especially suitable for a Rottweiler that excels at carrying things!

15. Rosie

Rosie was a Rottweiler used by the police during World War I to protect prisoners from riots.

She also helped catch smugglers that had escaped into the woods. This name is most appropriate for a female Rottweiler that protects you!

16. Susan

Susan was a Rottweiler used by United States Navy during World War I to locate mines, but she also worked as an attack dog when necessary. The name “Susan” will suit your tough and tenacious female Rottweiler.

17. Rita

Rita was a Rottweiler that worked as a police dog during World War II. She even captured an enemy spy! “Rita” is excellent for a Rottweiler who loves to go on adventures with you.

18. Jade

Jade was a faithful Rottweiler used by the United States Postal Service to deliver letters.

She could carry up to 14 pounds of mail, about the average weight of a full mailbox. A Rottweiler with this name is likely loyal and determined!

19. Diva

This name refers to “a talented young female singer who attracts attention”, which is especially appropriate for a female Rottweiler who loves to sing or do anything else that attracts attention!


20. Bertha

Bertha” was a Rottweiler used by the Canadian Coast Guard to drag drowning people from icy waters. A female Rottweiler with this name is likely strong and tenacious!

Tips For Choosing A Female Rottweiler Names

If you don’t have much experience choosing names for dogs, it can be hard to find something that suits your pup. We can break down some tips for picking out the perfect name for your dog!


  • Names with double consonants or double vowels are more difficult to say and will likely annoy your pup. Be careful when selecting a name that’s difficult to pronounce!
  • Avoid using the female rottweiler names twice in a row. For example, if your last name is “Rottweiler”, you may want to avoid naming your dog “Rosie Rottweiler”. That would get confusing very quickly!
  • The shorter the name, the easier it will be for your pup to learn.
  • Make sure you can tell the difference between each of your dog’s names – especially if they’re short! Otherwise, it’ll get very confusing.
  • If you have a hand signal or verbal command associated with a certain name, make sure other people know what it means! That way, they’ll know how to address your pup when you’re not around.
  • Be careful when choosing a name that is long or that rhymes. If you don’t want people to shorten it in conversation and instead always use the full length of the word, then be sure to avoid names like “Maggie” and “Molly”, as those are frequently shortened to “Meg” and “Moll”.
  • To make sure your dog responds well to its name, make sure you use it often! If your Rottweiler is used to hearing the word “Sally”, but you call out for your pup by saying, “Amber!” your Rottweiler may not come to you.
  • If you have a male and a female dog, use different names – otherwise, they may get confused!

How to Pick an Appropriate Female Rottweiler Name

Some people like to use the names of their favourite singers, actors, or other popular figures.

It is important to note that these are often difficult for dogs to hear and respond well to.

If you are one of those people who wants to use a celebrity’s name as the namesake for your dog, be sure that it is easy for your pup to hear!

Many people also use similar sounding words in naming their dogs, so they do not have trouble telling them apart.

For example, “Lena” and “Lynn.” A good rule of thumb is to use common words for everyday routine commands, so “Lena” might be used for walking, while “Lynn” would be used if your dog starts getting too excited during playtime.

It is important to note that it can get confusing having multiple dogs with the same name if they are all female!

If You Wonder what’s the difference between male vs female rottweiler please read this guide.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the perfect name for your pup is tough! If you’re not sure where to start, we can break down some tips that will help you choose a suitable moniker. First of all, make sure it isn’t too difficult to pronounce or spell – otherwise, your dog may be confused and get frustrated when trying to respond appropriately. Keep in mind that shorter names are easier for dogs to remember than longer ones with many syllables. Lastly, if there’s a specific word associated with commands like “come” or “go”, try not to use similar-sounding words so they don’t get mixed up! What have been your favourite female Rottweiler names? Let us know below!



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