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Meeting an Aggressive Rottweiler? The Six Steps You Should Follow

To say that Rottweilers are protective dogs would be an understatement; these dogs may look cuddly, but if you’re an intruder in their home, they will attack. If you ever meet an aggressive rottweiler, one thing you should never do is run away; instead, follow these tips and tricks for how to deal with this type of dog in order to avoid injuries and escape safely.


1. Do Not Approach An Aggressive Rottweiler

We’ve all heard that dogs are man’s best friend. They’re loyal, they can be protective, and they love their owners unconditionally.

But if a dog has aggressive tendencies, a simple walk in your neighborhood could end in disaster. Be sure to follow these instructions if you encounter an aggressive rottweiler or any other menacing pooch!


2. Keep Your Distance

To keep yourself safe, avoid approaching a hostile dog. Also, if possible, look for something to distract or lure it away from you.

If all else fails and it looks like you’re about to be attacked, try to scare it off by making noise and waving your arms; don’t shout at it or stare directly into its eyes—these are both signs of aggression that may provoke a violent response from your canine foe.

Finally, once a hostile dog has been distracted or scared off, never run away: running triggers instinctive chase responses in many animals. If you can’t get out of harm’s way quickly (if there’s a fence around), crouch low to make yourself look as small as possible and stay still until help arrives.


3. Stay Calm If a Rottweiler Runs Towards You

Rottweilers are territorial and are often seen as protective dogs. If a Rottweiler runs towards you, remain calm and allow him to smell your hand. Never run away or lash out; instead, try to become his friend by petting him gently behind his ears.

By acting dominant towards a dog, he may get confused and decide that attacking isn’t worth it. If a Rottweiler runs toward you, remain calm. Don’t run away; allow him to smell your hand. Never lash out at him as that will only make matters worse; instead, try to win his trust by petting him behind his ears.


4. Do Not Run Away From A Rottweiler

If a dog is in attack mode, its natural instinct is to chase down its prey. If you run away from a Rottweiler, they will follow and continue to attack until they feel as though they’ve won.

Keep in mind that these dogs are very fast, so running is almost certainly not going to save your life. While they’re chasing you, they’ll likely be growling and barking ferociously at their new playmate – it’s best to remain still until the dog gives up or gets distracted.


5. Call Animal Control For Assistance

If a person meets an aggressive Rottweiler, they need to call animal control for assistance. In many instances, it’s best to approach a strange dog slowly and allow him to smell your hand before trying to pet him.

However, if a dog is showing signs of aggression such as standing stiffly on all fours with its hackles raised or holding its head low in order to lunge forward quickly, back away from that dog slowly and call animal control for assistance. If your body language suggests fear or you act scared when approaching a dog in these situations, he might become more agitated and attack if he believes that defending his territory is necessary.


6. Learn How To Protect Yourself

Rottweilers are large, powerful dogs that can be dangerous if trained for protection or bred for fighting. If you happen to meet up with one (or know someone who does), it’s best to learn how to keep yourself safe. Start by knowing how to identify a potentially aggressive dog.

Anytime a dog looks at its owner in fear, it is demonstrating aggression and will possibly bite when given an opportunity. For example, a common trait of an aggressive Rottweiler is making eye contact with its owner while licking its lips and baring teeth. Always steer clear of any Rottweiler that shows signs of aggression; either leave or look for another way around your obstacles instead of approaching them head-on.


Final Words

Dogs are pack animals by nature. When they feel threatened, they will get agitated and defensive to protect themselves. If you notice that a dog is growling at you, avoid eye contact and back away slowly. This shows them that you’re not a threat, which usually causes them to become less tense or aggressive towards humans.


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