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Why Does My Rottweiler Sit On Me (TOP REASONS EXPLAINED)

I own a rottweiler. She is the sweetest, most submissive pet I have ever had. Recently she has started sitting on me while I am lying on my sofa or bed and it’s driving me crazy!

Is there some sort of dog psychology behind this?

Maybe she wants to show dominance over me?

Or maybe she just wants attention? So far I haven’t figured out why…

I need help!

This is the common scenario most people face, today I will share why do Rottweilers & other dogs sit on you.

Well, my Rottweiler has always loved sitting on me. Even as a little puppy she would sit on my lap and put her paw around me to hold me close. I think there is something about humans that dogs just love. For them, it’s like a constant hug.

Here is a few most common reason why Your Rottweiler sits on you.


1. Rottweilers Have a Pack Mentality, So They Want To Be The Alpha Dog

Rottweilers have a pack mentality, so they want to be the alpha dog. They expect that we will always love and protect them. If we don’t, they might do something like sitting on us to show dominance over us or to get some attention from us.

We can try and teach our dogs that sitting on people is not ok by telling them “off” and giving them a treat when they get off of us, or we can try and make sure this behavior doesn’t bother us too much if it doesn’t seem like it’s for dominance.

Letting them know that it is not ok with you will help them understand that this behavior makes you unhappy, and then they will hopefully stop.


2. If Your Rottweiler Feels Like He Needs To Show Dominance

If your Rottweiler feels like he needs to show dominance over you, he might sit on you. This could be because of a fear that they will lose their position as alpha and be replaced with someone else.

Your Rottweiler might also do this to establish its territory. They want to make sure that people know that they are in charge and don’t need any intruders coming into the house.

Dogs can also show dominance over humans by trying to control what we can and can’t do like sitting on us or barking at us when we try to leave the house.

The space we occupy becomes theirs and we have no choice but to obey them. The only way we would be able to get them off is if they let us go which is unlikely if they are trying to protect their territory.


3. You Can Teach Your Rottweiler That It’s Not Ok For Him To Lay On Top Of You

One can teach his Rottweiler that it’s not ok for him to lay on top of you by telling him “off” and giving them a treat when they get off of you. You can teach this by luring with the treat and then telling the dog “off” and rewarding them when they get off.

Many Rottweiler owners have had the experience of being sitting on by their pets. Some dogs want to cuddle with you and just want to be close to you. Other dogs might believe that sitting on top of you is a sign of dominance or that sitting on you is a way of getting your attention.


4. Rottweiler Will Also Sit On People As An Invitation To Come Play With Them

Sometimes Rottweiler will also sit on people as an invitation to come to play with them or hang out together. They are showing how affectionate they are, and want the person’s company.

Often, these types of dogs will be happy if their owner does walk away for a few minutes to take care of something outside, then comes back and continues playing with the dog.

Regardless of why your pup is sitting on you, make sure it is something that doesn’t bother you too much! Letting them know that it is not ok with you will help them understand that this behavior makes you unhappy, and then they will hopefully stop.



There are many reasons that your Rottweiler might be sitting on you. Dogs want to cuddle with their owners, show dominance, and get attention from them. It can take a while to figure out what the motivation for this behavior is so it’s important not to punish or scold your pup when they do it. Once you have figured out why they’re doing it, there are lots of options available including training them before rewarding good behavior!


Meet the Author ADAM HOSSAIN, As an owner of Rottweiler for 10 years, I motivate and encourage people about this lovely breed. We’re dedicated to providing you the detailed researched articles about Rottweiler, with an emphasis on Rottweiler Health, Training, and Exercises. I started my journey with Rottweiler Time in 2021 and it has come a long way from its beginnings. Thanks for Your Support.

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