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Australian Shepherd And Rottweiler Mix | Breed Overview & History

The Australian Shepherd and Rottweiler mix is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Rottweiler. The average weight for this type of breed is around 60 pounds, with the height being 22-24 inches tall.

The coat of the mixed breed can range from long to short, but they are typically fuzzy in texture. They have bend ears and a nose that tapers down to their mouth, similar to that of a Rottweiler’s nose. The tail will have fur on it that is slightly longer than its back hair. The eyes are round, brown, and very alert.


Origin & History Of Australian Shepherd And Rottweiler Mix

The Australian Shepherd and the Rottweiler are two different breeds of domestic dog, but breeding them together creates what is known as a hybrid breed.

These are often called designer dogs because they are not breeds in their own right. The reason for this is that when you mix two different breeds, there can be unpredictable results in terms of appearance, size, temperament, and other traits.


Personality and Temperament

This breed is energetic and friendly and will try to do what it can to please its master. The Aussie-Rottie mix typically gets along well with other dogs and children and is very affectionate with its family. They may be too active for the elderly or those who are unable to walk for long periods.

This Aussie/Rottweiler mix is a very intelligent breed that is generally easy to train. He may be too energetic for children but will get along well with most other animals.

They are very protective of their families and tend to be wary of strangers. If the Aussie-Rottie mix is properly socialized they can get along fine with children, though many will still give them a barking warning before taking action.

They want to feel like they have a job and purpose, so it is important to give them an outlet for this energy or they may become destructive.


Australian Shepherd And Rottweiler Mix Physical Appearance

The Aussie-Rottie mix is considered to be one of the most healthy dog breeds, if not the healthiest. They are often used as service dogs for people with disabilities due to their intelligence, strength, and trainability. Aussie-Rottie mix is also known for being protective of its owners.

They have a sturdy build with a broad chest and pointy muzzle. They come in three colors, fawn wheaten or black/tan, or brindle. Rottweilers can weigh anywhere from 80 lbs to 130 lbs and reach a height of 24-27 inches.

An Australian Shepherd and Rottweiler mix is an intelligent pooch that has the best traits of both breeds. This dog is protective, trainable, and very intelligent. The coat on these dogs is typically thicker than other breeds. When they are born, they are usually white with red or tan markings that fade into adulthood. They have a coarse outer coat with a soft undercoat.


Exercise & Training Guide Of Australian Shepherd And Rottweiler Mix

If you are interested in getting a Rottweiler and Aussie mix, you’ll need to know how to properly exercise your dog. These breeds require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation, so if they don’t get enough physical and mental activity each day they may become bored and destructive.

An adult Australian Shepherd and Rottweiler Mix will need:

  • 20-40 minute brisk walks or jogs every day, and some playtime in the yard each day to keep them active.
  • They will also need lots of opportunities to explore and sniff on daily walks, so make sure there are no leash restrictions in your area.
  • They love to play fetch, but be careful not to over-exercise this breed, especially when young or out of shape. This breed is prone to hip dysplasia and knee problems, so make sure they aren’t doing too much jumping or running.

An Aussie and Rottie mix that is under a year old should not be allowed to run free off-leash. They are very energetic and playful and could easily get away from you. Also, both these breeds can be quite dominant which makes them more likely to challenge you for the dominant role if not well socialized.

After one year, provided they have had adequate training and mental stimulation, an Aussie Rottie mix can be allowed off-leash in a restricted area or dog park, but should still be watched closely because of their high prey drive.


Care Guide

The Australian Shepherd and Rottweiler Mix can live quite happily in an apartment or small home as long as they are given enough exercise. If you don’t mind taking them out for a couple of walks a day or jogs on weekends, they will be happy living in an apartment.

You should not get this breed if you live in a small house or apartment and plan to leave them alone for long periods every day, though. The Aussie Rottie Mix is an active, people-oriented dog and can get destructive when left alone for too long.

An Aussie Rottie mix will do fine with another friendly dog companion if you work from home or take him out to socialize with him regularly. He would also be happy with a playful cat companion, provided he was properly introduced to the cat when he was a puppy.

Do not get an Aussie and Rottweiler mix if you don’t like lots of dog hair on your clothes and furniture, though. Both these breeds shed quite heavily all year round and blow their coats twice a year (usually in Spring and Fall). Twice-yearly professional grooming is necessary to keep their coats in good condition.


Food & Diet Guide

Always make sure to keep an eye on the food bowl and refill it if it gets low during the day.

Australian shepherd and Rottweiler Mix Breed can be quite food-driven and will seek out any food source they find.

They need a high-quality, nutritious diet without too many fillers. Keep in mind that they do not tolerate corn or soy well, so you should avoid foods containing either of these ingredients.

Check the ingredients of your dog’s food for any allergies, such as chicken or beef, and stay away from foods containing wheat gluten, soy protein concentrate/isolate, corn, artificial preservatives, or colors.

Talk to your veterinarian about switching brands if your dog starts to develop allergies or an upset stomach. Some dogs can be sensitive to specific brands, and you should try a different one if this happens.


Health Concerns Of Aussie-Rottie Mix

Once the Aussie-Rottie mix is a young puppy, he will need to be given a variety of shots, worming medication, and a visit to a vet for a general check-up.

A lot of the problems with mixed breeds are because people don’t know what they are getting. When adopting a dog from a shelter you never know if they have been exposed to diseases or parasites that can further complicate their health issues as they get older.

It is important to find out if the dog has been vaccinated or neutered. This is vital information since you will need to get the Aussie-Rottie mix puppy shots, have them spayed or neutered, and have all of their shots updated so they can live a healthy life. A lot of times shelter workers are not able to know these things for a puppy.

Your veterinarian will be able to give you advice on what is needed for your dog at their age, gender, and breed. Before going to see a doctor make sure you have all the information about your dog’s history ready.

The first visit is always the most expensive since it involves a lot of information gathering with checklists, weight measurement, and sometimes x-rays. The more you know about your dog’s background, the easier it will be for your vet to give him or her the best treatment possible.

The most common diseases in breed are hip dysplasia, eye problems, and thyroid disease. A reputable breeder will have their dogs checked for these diseases before breeding them to ensure that they do not pass anything on to the puppies.


Final Thoughts

Australia Shepherd and Rottweiler Mixes are the perfect companions for active, outdoor enthusiasts. They have high energy levels but they also require regular exercise to prevent them from becoming destructive or bored in the house.

If you’re looking for a dog who can go on long walks with you during your day off work, this might be the breed for you! However, if that doesn’t sound like something that interests you then perhaps an Australian shepherd or rottweiler mix isn’t right for you after all.





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