How Often Should Rottweiler Puppies Eat | The Brief Guide

Puppies grow quickly, and they need to eat almost as much as they do. While the exact amount of food your rottweiler puppy will need depends on his size, age, and health, there are some general guidelines that you can follow to keep him at his best throughout the process.

It’s important to remember that puppies don’t need any special kinds of food—a quality diet for an adult dog will suit them just fine at this stage in their life as well. Just be sure to adjust the amount of food you give them over time to match their growing bodies and energy levels.


1. When do Rottweiler puppies need to be fed?

Feed your puppy three times a day until he’s 12 weeks old. After that, they’ll probably be ready to eat twice a day. Feed them three to four cups of high-quality food each time, or as recommended by your vet. Remember, you should be able to see and feel their ribs without pressing too hard.

They should be filling out but not have potbellies or anything sticking out past their ribs when viewed from above, and their bellies shouldn’t be tucked up between their hind legs—you should still be able to feel some of their belly hanging down beneath them.

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How often you feed them depends on their age and how quickly they’re growing. Expect a smaller puppy to eat more frequently than an older, larger one. Also, your puppy will naturally drink less water as he gets older and becomes a more active part of your family.

If your pup ever stops eating or drinking, don’t worry—this is normal for puppies between 6 weeks and 6 months old. They have very fast metabolisms when they’re young and sometimes go through growth spurts that make them unwilling to eat or drink for several days at a time.

Just be sure to keep offering food and water as often as possible during these times so they don’t become dehydrated, especially in warm weather when they need plenty of fluids.

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2. Why do Rottweiler puppies need to be fed more than once a day?

Because of their enormous size, Rottweilers grow rapidly in their first few months of life. While that means you’ll have a huge pup on your hands sooner rather than later, it also means you’ll have to make sure he gets plenty of food in those early weeks.

After all, you can’t expect him to stretch feedings over eight hours and still grow well. (You could also end up with an adult dog that is constantly hungry.) It’s best for young puppies to eat at least three times a day and no more than four or five times.

But as your pup gets older and has less growth left in him, that won’t be necessary—he’ll probably do fine with one or two meals per day.

In addition to regulating how often you feed your puppy, you’ll also want to establish a routine for how much he eats at each meal. The American Kennel Club recommends feeding young puppies up to twice their body weight per day, divided into meals.

Divide that number by 24 (the number of hours in a day) and that’s how much food your pup should eat each time you feed him.

If your pup is too thin or too fat, adjust his ration accordingly: if he’s too thin, increase his portion size; if he’s too fat, reduce it.

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3. The best way to get them to eat more

Puppy eyes are some of the most powerful in all of dogdom. When they’re looking at you with those wide eyes and pleading faces, it’s hard to say no. But saying yes too often could result in an obese puppy before long!

One key to successful feeding is learning how to tell when your puppy has had enough; different puppies will eat different amounts each day. As a general rule, though, four meals per day is plenty for a young pup; about two cups of food per meal for small pups and three cups per meal for larger ones.

Of course, it’s not always easy to resist those puppy eyes. If you’re struggling to get your pup to eat as much as he needs, try mixing in some water with his food. Keeping him a little bit hungry can also increase his appetite over time; after all, nature doesn’t intend for puppies to have free-flowing access to food all day!

If you do decide that it’s time for more frequent feedings, try having him skip one meal and then gradually build up from there until he’s back on a four-meals-per-day schedule.


4. What food can you feed your Rottweiler puppy before they turn 6 months old?

This is a question every pet owner and breeder should know. There are many brands of dog food out there, so it is hard to know which one to choose for your puppy.

As soon as you get your puppy, go right to a veterinarian who can help start feeding your new friend correctly. Within two days, your puppy will be eating small meals two times per day. Then in six months’ time, you can start introducing dry dog food into their diet. By 12 months, they should be fully transitioned onto the dry dog food.

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5. What foods can you feed your adult Rottweiler regularly?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to how often your adult Rottweiler should eat. Like humans, they have different metabolic rates, metabolize food differently, and have varying levels of activity throughout their lives.

And since each dog is unique, consult your vet if you notice changes in your pet’s eating habits or digestion. By doing so, you’ll be able to work with a professional who knows your dog well—and is aware of any medical concerns he may have.

This will help ensure that you feed him at a frequency that keeps him happy and healthy. And don’t forget to watch his weight; he’s likely an adult if he has reached full size and stopped growing.

Every dog is different. And while some may eat two times a day, others may need to be fed three times per day. If you have an extra-large breed or an active dog, then you’ll likely want to feed him even more often than that.

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Final Words

If you just got a new puppy, you’re probably eager to make sure it’s eating properly. So how often should rottweiler puppies eat? It varies from pup to pup, but generally, they should be fed three times a day until they are about eight weeks old. After that point, most rottweilers will transition to two meals per day. If your dog is having trouble with digestion or is vomiting regularly, ask your vet if feeding schedules can be adjusted to accommodate any issues.

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