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Rottweiler Weight & Growth Chart – Complete Guide

Rottweiler Weight and development can be challenging to measure as they grow quickly over a short period.

It is important to keep track of the dog’s weight, especially if you are trying to manage his diet.

In this blog post, we will discuss how much your Rottweiler should weigh at any given point in their life. We will also provide an overview of how your dog grows up until he reaches adulthood!


Rottweiler Weight Overview

A Rottweiler puppy goes through a lot of changes in the first year.

He will start out as a small, helpless pup who needs to learn everything. From where he can and cannot go potty to how to walk on a leash without pulling.

At about 12 weeks old, his growth platelets close up and your dog is considered an adolescent.

This is when you will start to notice changes in behaviour, especially from your Rottweiler’s sex drive!


Why We Should Consider Rottweiler Weight

Rottweilers are large dogs and can weigh up to 135 pounds. When fully grown adult with males being about 30% larger than females on average.

So, how much does he need to eat? Adult Rottweilers typically need two meals a day that consists of high-quality food with low to moderate protein.

You can expect your Rottweiler’s weight and growth rate to slow down after he reaches one year old.

But there will still be changes in his body shape as he matures into an adult.

He should maintain the same weight for the next three years and after that, you can expect him to start slowly gaining weight.

Rottweilers typically live between eight to twelve years long if they are well-cared for by their owner with proper nutrition and regular exercise.

Just like people, dogs tend to gain more weight as they age due to decreasing inactivity.


How Much They Should Weight

Your Rottweiler will reach full adult height by the time he is about a year and a half old.

But his body weight may not be fully developed until around two years of age. This delay in physical maturity can make it difficult to determine how much your dog should weigh at this stage.

In general, you want him to weigh no more than 25 to 30 percent of his adult mature weight.



Rottweiler Puppy Growth Stages

Rottweiler puppies are full of energy and curiosity. They will always want to be the centre of attention.

Their training is very important for the first few months or so as they need guidance on how to behave around other people and dogs.

Rottweilers grow quickly in their early years, going from a small puppy into an adult dog by the age of about two.


Rottweiler Weight


Newborn Rottweiler Puppy Weight

A Rottweiler puppy typically weighs between 0.8 – 1.0 lb at birth.

Depending on the size of his parents. His weight will increase rapidly over the first few weeks of his life.

1. 1 week old Rottweiler Puppy Weight

At one week, Rottweiler puppies weigh about 1.5 – 2.0 lb. They are usually between four to five inches long (including the tail).

2. Rottweiler Puppy Weight at Two Weeks

At two weeks, a puppy weighs about 2.0 – 3.0 lb and is around six inches long.

3. Rottweiler Puppy Weight at Three Weeks

At three weeks, a puppy weighs about 3.0 – 4.2 lb and is around seven inches long.

4. Rottweiler Puppy Weight at Four Weeks

At four weeks, a puppy weighs about 4.5 – 6.4 lb and is around eight inches long.

5. Rottweiler Puppy Weight at Five Weeks

At five weeks, a puppy weighs about 6.5 – 8.8 lb and is around nine inches long.

6. Rottweiler Puppy Weight at Six Weeks

At six weeks, a puppy weighs about 8.8 – 10.0 lb and is around ten inches long. By the time he’s six weeks old, his eyes will have become fully open.

7. Rottweiler Puppy Weight at Seven Weeks

At seven weeks, a puppy weighs about 8.8 – 11.0 lb and is around eleven inches long.

Rottweiler Puppy Growth Stages in Months

Now we will discuss rottweiler puppy weight stages in months.


Rottweiler Weight (1)


Rottweiler Puppy Weight at Two Months

At two months, a puppy weighs about 12.0 – 14.0 lb and for a female rottweiler puppy, it’s about 10.0 – 12.0 lb and is around fifteen inches long.

This may be the time when he starts to teethe too, so you should make sure that his toys are safe for him to chew on!

Rottweiler Puppy Weight at Three Months

At three months, a Male Rottweiler puppy weighs about 34.0 lb and for a female rottweiler puppy, it’s about 28.0 lb and is around 16 inches long.

Rottweiler Puppy Weight at Four Months

At four months, a Male puppy weighs about 48.0 lb and for a female rottweiler puppy, it’s about 35.0 lb.


Behaviour Guide At Four Months

The next several weeks will be important ones for his training as he learns to mind you while still having enough energy to play.

A great idea is to enrol him in an obedience class where he can learn some basic manners with other dogs of the same age group. Another important thing that your pup will need during this time are toys that he’ll enjoy playing with so try out different varieties until you find one or two that capture his interest.

A good way to keep track of what size toy would work best for your dog right now without spending a fortune on buying several different toys that he might not like is to simply make your own out of socks.

Puppy Weight at Five Months

At five months, a Male puppy weighs about 65.3 lb and for a female rottweiler puppy, it’s about 50.0 lb.


Behaviour Guide At Five Months

He will probably be quite mischievous by now and may even try chewing up some shoes.

Also, other things which should remind you why it’s important to start training him early. When it comes time for feeding him, continue with the same type of diet.

If he gets too skinny then just increase his food intake slightly. If he looks like he has gained too much weight then cut down on the amount that you give him.

Puppy Weight at Six Months

At six months, a Male puppy weighs about 75.0 lb and for a female rottweiler puppy, it’s about 62.0 lb.

His ears should be standing up by now if they haven’t already done so.

He may begin barking more regularly but will still enjoy playing with his toys too.

Puppy Weight at Seven Months

At seven months, a Male puppy weighs about 85.0 lb and for a female rottweiler puppy, it’s about 72.0 lb.

Which means he might start to feel bigger than what he was used to before this time. However, don’t let your guard down just because of his new physical stature as it’s important not to underestimate an older dog who can sometimes act like a puppy.

When it comes to feeding him, you can now switch over from the milk-based formula that he has been drinking and give him dry kibble instead which should be available at your local pet store in a variety of brands for his new dietary needs.

Puppy Weight at Ten Months

A Male puppy weighs about 108.0 lb and for a female rottweiler puppy, it’s about 78.0 lb at ten months old.

This may be a time when he starts to become more protective of his toys and food but this is natural, so don’t reprimand him for it.


Puppy Weight at One Year

By the time he reaches one year old, your Male puppy weighs about 110.2 lb and for a female rottweiler puppy, it’s about 95 lb.

Depending on whether or not you’ve been giving them any supplements during their earlier months.


What Rottweiler Weight Chart Shows

 Rottweiler Growth Chart shows some more interesting changes happening too as this is when you will start to see differences between male and female dogs.

Males tend to have broader heads with larger necks; their legs are usually shorter than females but they do also grow faster during these months until one year old (when both sexes growth rates begin to slow).

Females on the other hand may look like they don’t gain much weight during this time because their curves aren’t very noticeable. However, they will probably have more muscle than a male of the same size which is why it can be difficult to determine their weights accurately.


Rottweilers Weight Chart: How Much Do They Weigh?

A typical adult Rottweiler weighs about 100lbs.; according to the AKC on average males tend to be slightly larger (about 110 lbs.) while females (around 90 lbs.) tend to be smaller and more slender.

However, these weights are just averages so it’s important not to get too hung up on the exact numbers.

Because your dog may end up being bigger or smaller than average depending on his bloodline which is why you should always ask for a reputable breeder’s advice if you have any concerns about whether or not he has reached full growth yet.

A Rottweiler puppy weight chart can also help owners keep track of their pup’s development from birth until one-year-old (which is when most dogs reach physical maturity).


What Does a Rottweiler Puppy Weight Mean?

The weight of your pup will give you a better idea about how much food he should eat so that he stays healthy and grows at the right place.

There are some key milestones to look out for during growth which can be seen in his Rottweiler puppy weight chart.

When pups reach three weeks old they typically weigh around 2.0 – 3.0 lb, by four months their weights have increased dramatically to 50.7 lb  (for both males and females) but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they need any extra milk from now on- just continue feeding them as before while making sure that you always clean up after them when using the bathroom indoors.

A Rottweiler weight chart can also help owners keep track of their pup’s development from birth until one-year-old (which is when most dogs reach physical maturity).

Always make sure you have puppy pads and a litter box for indoor use so you don’t need to clean any messes up which may deter him from using the bathroom inside. But if your pup does happen to go outside then reward them with praise.


Few Questions People Ask,

Q. How long does it take for Rottweilers to reach full growth?

Roughly around one year old. What is the average weight of a male and female Rottweiler? Males on average are 110lbs. while females tend to be slightly smaller at 90 lbs.

However, these weights can vary depending on their bloodline which is why it’s important not to get too hung up on the exact numbers.

Q. How many cups of food should I give my Rottweiler per day?

Generally, two or three cups depending on his weight and age is a good place to start but always check with a reputable breeder first!

Q. What does neutering mean for dogs?

Neutering is the term used to describe when an animal has been castrated; this prevents them from reproducing and also ensures that they don’t develop any bad habits such as marking their territory or becoming aggressive towards other dogs.

Q. How should I train a Rottweiler puppy?

One owner on Rover said, “Always reward your dog with praise when they do something good! Rottweilers respond best to positive reinforcement, so if you’re stern with them then it’ll only make training more difficult.



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