22 Beautiful Male Rottweiler Names

The Rottweiler is a large, robust, and muscular dog that was originally used in past centuries to herd livestock. Today, it’s still often seen at farms and ranches where they serve as guard dogs or sheepdogs.

Police forces and military organizations also use them for their abilities in detection tasks.

Rotties are calm, confident, courageous protectors that can be gentle with children but fierce when necessary. They have instincts to chase anything that runs away from them, which makes training essential.

If you’re looking for the perfect name for your new pup, then here are 22 male rottweiler names to get you started.


22 Male Rottweiler Names For Inspiration!

Aasim: This name means lion

Adonis: This name is of Greek origin and means ‘Goodly; Handsome.’

Atlas: Atlas was the primordial Titan god of strength, stamina, and endurance in Greek mythology.

Axel: Axel is a Scandinavian name that means ‘father of peace.’

Cairo: Cairo is an upgrade from the popular street name, “Kai.”

Euron: Euron is a Norse mythological figure. It means “passable.”

Fenrir: Fenrir is a wolf in Norse mythology and the son of Loki. It’s also the name of a moon orbiting the planet Saturn.

Galileo: Galileo is an upgrade from the more common Galilee or Galloway. It’s the “Father of Modern Science.”

Hannibal: Hannibal is Spanish and means “graceful one.”

Kai: Kai is a popular street name, but it means ‘sea’ in Hawaiian. Kai is also Japanese for ‘lord.’

Logan: Logan is English and means ‘hollow; deep.’

Maverick: Maverick is of English origin and means “independent.”

Nero: Nero was Roman Emperor during the year of 64 AD. Its Latin form, “Nero,” means “black.”

Odin: Odin was a major god in Norse mythology and ruler of Asgard. It’s a Scandinavian name meaning ‘father of all.’

Orion: Orion is a hunter from Greek mythology. Its Latin form, “Orion,” means ‘watchful one.’

Pax: Pax is the Roman god of peace

Quinn: Quinn is Irish and means ‘counsel’ or ‘wise.’ It was the name of a sea goddess.

Titus Titus is Latin origin meaning “defender.”

Vulkan: Vulkan is German for “volcano,” and its English form, Vulcan, means “fire.”

Warrior: Warrior is French in origin and means “one who goes to war.”

Xander: Xander is an upgrade from Alexander. Its Greek form, “Alexei,” means ‘defending men.’

Zeus: Zeus was the god of sky and thunder in Greek mythology. It’s Asian forms are Jusen, Jukai, Tsu-Zen, Zuzen ,and Dien Bien Phu .


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