The Best Dog Treats for a Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is a large German breed of domestic dog. The dogs were originally used in herding and guarding livestock. They are usually black or tan with a medium-length coat, but can also be found in solid black, red, mahogany, or cream-colored coats.

They have powerful jaws that can easily crush bone, so they need to be trained from an early age not to bite humans unless instructed to do so by their owner. Training your Rottie takes patience and the right techniques – here are some tips on how you should go about training your Rottweiler!


The Benefits of Training Your Rottweiler

One major benefit of training your Rottweiler is that it promotes good health. This holds true for all kinds of dogs, but particularly breeds with lots of energy and larger muscles – the extra exertion means they need some kind of outlet to release all that pent-up energy!

The opportunity to run around and explore is also a vital part of a dog’s life. Perhaps most importantly, training benefits the mental health of your pet, by offering them something to focus their attention on – this might seem counterproductive at first, but it actually helps tire them out!

In order to train your Rottweiler effectively, you need to be sure that they’re learning what you’re teaching them and that you’re teaching them the right things – this is where using treats as part of training comes in!

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Using Treats for Training Your Rottweiler

One great thing about keeping your Rottweiler’s diet healthy, with 70-80% meat, is that you can use their favorite food as a training tool!

This is an effective way to reward your dog for learning new things and being obedient, so it’s a good idea to have a supply of their favorite treats on hand. Try out some different kinds, such as chicken or beef, so you can find what they love the most… but leave them hungry first!

It’s also a good idea to mix up treats with other rewards, such as praise and pats. This helps reinforce the positive!

When you first start training your Rottweiler, try using small treats to get them interested in learning. Larger pieces will be harder for them to swallow quickly so could make training difficult if they won’t take them – you don’t want to be stuffing your fingers in a dog’s mouth, just in case!

Use treats during training sessions and varies the amount. Some dogs respond better to occasional rewards while others benefit from regular ones. You’ll soon start to learn what works best for your pet and how much they need to get motivated.

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Best Dog Treats for a Rottweiler

There are a lot of different treats for dogs on the market – some better than others! While it’s always best to use healthy, meaty treats, there are several brands that offer specialized training products which you can find at your local store. Be sure to check out prices online or in discount supermarkets as this could save you a fair bit of cash!

Here are some of the best treats for a Rottweiler:

1. Treats for Treat Training

This brand specializes in training aids and has a range of specially designed snacks. They’re all really healthy, made from natural ingredients, and can help keep your Rottweiler’s teeth sparkling too! They come in a range of different sizes and flavors, so always have a bag or two in the cupboard.


2. TerraMax Training Treats

These come with a strong recommendation from vets because they’ve been developed using scientific research to make training easy. They’re all-natural with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives and can be used by owners of any dog breed. They come in a variety of different flavors and pack sizes, so they’re perfect for regular use!


3. Greenies Dental Chew Treats

These are really useful because not only do they help you train your dog, but they also help to keep their teeth clean throughout the day. The special ingredient helps remove plaque and prevents tartar build-up, so your Rottweiler’s teeth are in top shape at all times. They’re made from natural ingredients plus vitamins and minerals – perfect for training!


4. Benebones Real Meat Treats

These treats contain real meat (chicken or bacon), plus they’re packed with nutrients to help your pet stay healthy. The bone shape makes them easy for dogs to carry around and chew, so if you’re walking your Rottweiler this will keep them occupied. They’re all-natural with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives – just healthy ingredients!


5. Healthy Dog Treats

If you’ve got a young dog that’s full of energy, it can be hard to find the best treats for them. Some brands do specially developed treats that offer all the nutrients of regular food with added extras, so you can be sure they’re getting everything they need to stay healthy.

These are just some of the best products available – there are lots of different kinds available online or in your local store!


Always Be Consistent

As with any type of training, it’s important to be consistent! Decide on the behaviors you want your Rottweiler to learn and stick to it. They need to know that they can trust you to be fair at all times

If they think that you’re unpredictable or unreliable, then training will become much more difficult! If your dog knows that you’re consistent, then they will learn faster.

Be Patient

As with any type of training, patience is vital! Rottweilers are quite intelligent dogs and will pick things up quickly, but it’s still important to make sure they know what you want them to do before moving on.

You don’t want them to get confused or become unsure of themselves, as this could lead to frustration or even aggression.

Be Gentle

It’s easy to think that being firm with your Rottweiler is the best way to train them… but it’s not! If you use too much force then they might start to become resentful towards you and respond badly to your requests. Instead, try to use a calm and gentle approach – this is more likely to get you the results you want!


Rottweilers need good exercise and mental stimulation, so be sure that you give them enough opportunities for both. Take them out for regular walks and keep their mind occupied with games such as fetch or tug-of-war.

If they’re tired then their minds won’t wander and their training will be much more effective! Don’t forget to give them lots of praise for a job well done too.


Final Thoughts

In the end, training your Rottweiler is about having fun with them and creating a positive relationship between you both – don’t be too strict or you’ll risk turning them into a nervous wreck! Always be patient and give your pet plenty of praise when they’ve done something well.