Boxer Rottweiler Mix | Breed Overview, History & Facts

The Boxer Rottweiler Mix or Also known as the Boxweiler is a hybrid of two powerful dog breeds. One of the most popular dog breeds in the world, boxers are known for their gentle and confident nature. Rottweilers, on the other hand, can be aggressive and territorial with strangers. So what does this mean for a boxer rottweiler mix?

The first thing to know about these dogs is that they are large—usually over 100 pounds at maturity. And while they have some characteristics from both breeds, it’s hard to say exactly how big or small each individual will be as an adult because there are so many different factors involved in growth rates, including heredity and diet.


Boxer Rottweiler Mix Breed Origin & History

To understand the Boxer Rottweiler Mix, you need to know its history. The boxer is part of the molosser breed group, which means it has powerful jaws and strong bodies with short coats.

The exact origins of the breed are unknown because it was developed in Germany over time using several breeds. What we do know is that German working dogs, mastiffs from ancient Rome, and the native landrace breed played a role.

Rottweilers on the other hand were originated in Germany as large drover dogs that could protect herds from wild animals. In the 19th century, they were used by butchers to move livestock and pull carts laden with meat and produce. Butchers were so impressed with the working abilities of these dogs that they bred them for use in dogfighting.

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Physical Trait Of  Boxer Rottweiler Mix Breed

The Boxer Rottweiler Mix is a large dog with an athletic, muscular build. It has great endurance, speed, and agility. The head is broad and wedge-shaped with a strong jaw and a powerful neck.

The eyes are oval with a bright, intelligent expression. These dogs have short coats that come in many colors, including red, black, white, and brindle.


Personality And Temperament Of Boxer Rottweiler Mix Breed

It’s almost impossible to find the dog breed that will be good for everyone. So, you can see also some people who say “I would never get a Rottweiler / Boxer mix!” Just because it is big and powerful doesn’t mean it is dangerous or not suitable as a family pet.

Many people think this way only because of the media and reports about dog attacks that have been made by some Rottweilers.

If you want a big powerful breed, but don’t necessarily want a Rottweiler, then consider a Boxer! This is not a “wild” hybrid mix between two breeds. It will have all the best of both parent breeds. It’s not the same as Rottweiler Siberian Husky mix or Boxer Australian Shepherd mix, where you are getting a completely new breed.

The Boxer-Rottweiler mix is considered to be one of the best family dog breeds because it has great temperaments and personalities. This is also very suitable for people that have big homes and a big family with enough patience to provide the dog with all his needs.

As we have said before, this is a very friendly breed and he likes being around humans. If you have problems with keeping your pet under control, then don’t get a Boxer Rottweiler mix.

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The Boxweiler Temperament With Kids

Boxweiler is very good with children and other pets. It’s a perfect choice for families that have children or planning to have one or two. In this case, you should not get a boxer rottweiler mix if you’re thinking of getting a dog as a single person/couple without kids.

Boxweiler tends to become lonely and depressed if separated from their families. It’s also important to mention that this breed is good with older kids, 4 years and older; because they might overwhelm them or try to play too hard.

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Physical Appearance Of Boxer Rottweiler Mix Breed

In this case, you should know that the Boxer Rottweiler mix will not look like a purebred from either parent breed. They come in all kinds of colors and shades.

The most common colors are black and brown, but they can also be white or grayish with black markings on them. White is very attractive especially if the dog has dark spots over his eyes. Generally, it looks like you got yourself a Boxer because of his body shape and the way he moves around.


Height and Weight Of Boxweiler

We can say that the Boxer Rottweiler mix will have an average height, but they are very strong and powerful. Because of this reason, if you got a female, she probably won’t be more than 22 inches tall while males might get up to 25 inches tall. The weight usually ranges from 55 to 110 pounds.

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The Lifespan Of Boxer Rottweiler Mix

The Boxer Rottweiler Mix will have a lifespan of 10 to 14 years. This is perfect for people that want to keep their pet around for the next decade or so. It’s also good knowing that this dog can live up to his potential because he has parents with very long lives.


Training Guide For Boxer Rottweiler Mix Breed

Boxweiler is one of the easiest dogs to train because he has great obedience and responsiveness, plus it’s very smart. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have to put some work into it, but any time you need him to learn something new, he will be a very quick learner.

The main problem in training the boxer rottweiler mix is that they are too friendly and playful, which might be a huge issue if you’re looking for a guard dog.

They don’t have good guarding skills because their tendency to love people will always win over any aggressive behavior. In this case, you should train your dog to be social with people entering your house.

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Exercise Guide For Boxweiler

This is one of the breeds that need a lot of exercises. They are not very good for people that live in apartments or small homes because they need a backyard to play around in. You can take your dog out every day and let him run around for about 30 minutes, but make sure you give him enough time to rest and relax because otherwise, your pet might feel stressed and anxiety will start taking over his body.


Boxweiler Cost

This is a medium-price dog, but keep in mind that he has two different breeds as parents. His average cost ranges from $600 to $2000. In this case, you should be smart and try to look for a puppy on special because some breeders will charge a premium price for this particular breed.

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Maintenance Costs

Other than the average cost, you will have to spend about $100-200$ per year for toys and other miscellaneous items that your Boxweiler might need.


Health Guide For Boxer Rottweiler Mix

The health of the Boxweiler is also very good, but there are some issues that might occur more frequently than in other breeds. For instance, the boxer-Rottweiler mix is prone to skin allergies, ear infections and may suffer from hip dysplasia.


Top Health Concerns for Boxweiler

1.  Skin Allergies 

The Boxer Rottweiler Mix is more prone to skin allergies which can be caused by almost anything. Look for the signs of itching and rashes on your pet’s coat, but remember that if you eliminate one possibility, another will probably take its place.

2. Ear Infections

Like every dog, the Boxweiler has a pair of long ears that are perfect for trapping dirt and bacteria. It happens more often than you think that your pet gets an ear infection that requires special treatment from time to time.

3. Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is another serious condition that might affect this breed, especially if you’re not smart enough to buy your pet from a responsible breeder. The Hip dysplasia occurs when the head of the femur doesn’t fit properly into the pelvic socket which can be very painful for your Boxweiler. If this condition continues, it will become even worse and you might have to think about surgery.

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Care Guide For Boxweiler

In this case, you have to be very careful when it comes to grooming. You’ll probably need to take him on several walks each day so he can release his energy and also wear down some of the hair growing on his body.

Moreover, you should brush your pet 2 times a week because is not easy to maintain the Boxer Rottweiler mix’s coat. If you’re not up for spending hours of your time grooming and walking, then this is not a good choice for you.


Diet Guide For Boxer Rottweiler Mix Breed

Boxers and Rottweilers love eating, so if you would like to maintain your pet’s weight, then he needs about 4 cups of quality food every day. Also, don’t forget that it’s better to measure his daily intake in order to make sure he doesn’t gain too much weight.

In this case, I always recommend people to look for a brand that has a specific weight management formula.

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Grooming Guide For Boxer Rottweiler Mix

This is one of the most beautiful dog breeds out there. It has a long and shiny coat that almost looks like silk, which makes him very different from other pets.

However, it’s not easy to maintain his gorgeous coat and you’ll need several hours of your time every week in order to groom and clean your pet properly.


Few Common Questions Please Ask About Boxweiler

Q. How big will a boxer Rottweiler mix get?

The Boxer Rottweiler mix can grow to be 50-110 pounds and sometimes more. If you choose this breed, then it’s very important for you to know that the weight of your pet will increase as he grows older, so you’ll have to plan ahead and buy a crate that is large enough for an adult dog.

Q. How much is a boxer Rottweiler mix?

You’ll probably be surprised to hear that the price of your Boxer Rottweiler mix will depend on his color, gender, size, and also a breeder. It’s very difficult to provide a specific estimate because you have no idea how much other breeders are asking for their puppies.

Q. What is the lifespan of a boxer Rottweiler mix?

It is very difficult to predict how long an adult Boxer Rottweiler Mix can live, but the most common ones usually survive for 10-14 years. If you want to make sure that your pet lives longer, then you need to take him for regular visits at the veterinarian’s office.

Q. What is a boxer Rottweiler mix called?

The Boxer Rottweiler mix is also known as the Boxweiler.

Q. Are Boxweiler aggressive?

It’s very important for you to know that your Boxer Rottweiler mix will not become aggressive if you take him for regular walks and feed him properly. You can’t expect a dog that has been taken care of to be an aggressive pet, especially if he doesn’t have any reason to feel threatened.

Q. Are Boxweiler good with kids?

This is a very popular mixed breed, so most of the individuals are friendly and sociable with children. However, you need to make sure that your pet gets properly socialized when he’s still a puppy because it’s impossible to predict how he will behave when he grows up.

Q. How to groom Boxer Rottweiler mix?

Grooming your pet is very important, but it’s better if you remember that you should always be patient when it comes to this process. Your Boxer Rottweiler mix will need frequent brushing and haircuts because his coat grows very fast. Also, don’t forget to shave his fur during hot weather because he can easily get overheated.

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Final Thoughts

The Boxer Rottweiler mix’s coat is very beautiful and he loves eating, but you’ll need hours of your time to groom him properly. This is definitely not the breed for you if you want to spend only a few minutes with your pet per day. However, if you are willing to invest some time in your dog’s grooming, then he can become a wonderful family member.