How to Bathe Your Rottweiler Dog? The Ultimate Guide

Is a Rottweiler suitable as a family pet? Yes! They are devoted pets who make excellent friends. 

A Rottweiler makes an excellent family companion with proper training and socializing. Your Rottweiler puppy will be dependable and protecting of your children if you raise your dog around them.

Rottweilers are amazing pets with unique requirements that distinguish them from other breeds. While caring for a Rottweiler is similar to caring for other dogs, there are several differences that any Rottweiler owner should be aware of, including how to bathe them. 

Want to give your Rottweiler a bath? Here is how you should do it:

Steps to Bathe Your Rottweiler Dog


1. Choose a Place to Bathe Your Rottweiler 

You might give a dog a baby bath in a sink if you’re bathing it, especially if it is your first time taking a bath with you. This will allow you to bond with your puppy by allowing it or her to be close to you. 

If your Rottweiler is too big for the sink, you can also use a tub for bathing your dog. You can also purchase an inflatable tub if you don’t have one installed in the bathroom. Just blow up the tub in your backyard or terrace, put your dog in it and bathe away! 

Before bathing your puppy, you might wish to put a bath towel in the bottom of the sink or tub. You don’t want your puppy to get wounded by slipping in the sink or tub. Especially if they are nervous and try to you, they will have more balance this way, and if they fall, they will not injure themselves.


2. Take a Deep Breath & Relax

The next step? Make sure that you and your dog are relaxed. You might even want to play some soothing music for them to help them relax. You must maintain your calm at all times. As the pack leader, your puppy looks up to you, so if you are relaxed, they will be as well. You can use any approach you need to remain patient. The most vital aspect is to be at ease.


3. Get the Right Dog Shampoo

Make sure you get dog shampoo. The human shampoo will harm your puppy’s skin and coat. Always use dog shampoo because it is specially developed for their skin and coat. Allow your puppy to sniff the shampoo to become acquainted with the scent.

Keeping Your Rottweiler’s Coat Shiny and Fresh Using doggy wipes, dry shampoo, and brushing are some of the things I do to keep my Rottie’s coat nice. Brush its coat at least once a day, and wipe it clean with swabs in a few days. You could use dry dog shampoo to clean your dog.

They have a higher risk of irritating your dog’s sensitive parts, and they may also include a scent that your dog dislikes, such as citrus. There may be occasions when you need to wash your dog with ordinary shampoo, which is not harmful to your fur baby.

The detergent is meant to cut through grease and is effective in removing oils from your dog’s hair and skin. Whereas white vinegar is antimicrobial and deodorizing, and it will shine and clean its coat. You only need to ensure that none of it gets into its eye.


4. Bath Time

You should gently submerge the puppy in the water. Make sure they do not drown by keeping their head above water and getting their entire body wet. Make sure you speak softly to them and reward them with sweets and praise as needed.

Soak your Rottweiler in warm water and then use a drop of shampoo and brush away! Use your fingers or a rubbing tool created exclusively for dogs to massage the shampoo into the coat.

Rub from top to foot, taking care not to scrub about the eyes. Wipe the area around a Rottweiler’s eyes with a moist towel to clean it. You can also softly wash around the head and eyes with a small dab of tearless shampoo. Even though it is tearless, it is recommended not to get any in your dog’s eyes.


5. Use Warm Water For Bathing 

 Using warm water, thoroughly rinse its entire body.

Heat is felt more acutely by dogs, especially pups than it is by humans. Make that they are not bathed in water that is too hot for them. Keep it at a comfortable level, which is around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

To make sure the water isn’t too hot, test it with your wrist or elbow like you would for a newborn. It’s too hot if the water feels warm sufficiently for you to take a bath in. Also, make sure the tub or sink is half as deep as your puppy. You don’t want to end up drowning your dog by accident!

You don’t want your puppy to become chilly and start shivering, so if removing the tub takes too long, don’t wait until it’s empty before starting the rinse procedure. The most crucial phase is rinsing.

Allow your Rottweiler to shake off any excess water as possible, and then properly towel dry it. A flaking blade can also be used to help drain any excess water.


6. Drying Process

Now it is time to get them out of the bath or sink and dry them off. Put a towel around them and get them out of the tub or sink. To speed up the drying process, rub their body with your hands. Using a blow dryer to dry your puppy is never a good idea. 

Blow-drying is slightly risky because their fur can get burned. It’s better if you just let them dry naturally. However, in winters, it’s best to give them a bath in a warm place, place them in front of a space heater after the bath, and blow-dry carefully. 

To avoid harming the coat, hold the dryer at least 6 inches away from it while drying; keep it moving, and use a low or cool setting.

After you have finished bathing them, allow them out of the bathroom or room they were in and let them run and dust off. It’s best to store them in a warm area until they’re completely dry. 

Allow them to go outside gradually, as they may become muddy quickly or roll in the dirt to dry. Since you recently cleaned them, this would be counterproductive. 

I recommend keeping them in one place during the drying process so that they don’t get scattered across the house. In most cases, a puppy will shake off until they are dry. They are undoubtedly quite excited because this is their first time.


Is It A Good Idea To Bathe A Two-Week-Old Rottweiler Puppy?

Rottweiler puppies don’t need to be bathed until they are four weeks old, if not longer. 

A warm damp washcloth, or even dry towels or soft fabric, can be used to clean your 2-week-old puppy gently. If your puppy’s mom is present and available, it will give your 2-week-old puppy the greatest bath possible with her tongue. 

If it spends a lot of time inside, it may only need to be bathed every 4 to 6 weeks. So there is no hard & fast rule for how often your Rottweiler should be bathed. It’s up to you to decide.


How Often Should You Schedule A Rottweiler Bath?

This active breed has no set bathing schedule; you can bathe it every other week or as rarely as every other month.

Bathing and cleaning are required regularly for this breed. Depending on the pet’s activity level and lifestyle, this devoted dog can be bathed every two to eight weeks. Bathing is important to limit shedding and maintain healthy skin and coat with this dense coat.

It will primarily rely on the dog’s activities, how much time it spends outside, and whether or not they have become messy. If your dog smells, bathe it! Starting a bathing routine with your Rottie while they’re young will help them overcome their fear of water.


Does The Rottweiler Dog Have A Fear Of Water?

While many Rottweiler can and do swim, some are less excited. A Rottweiler puppy is more of a working and guard dog; they are not an aquatic or sporting type. Furthermore, because Rottweilers are often larger, muscular dogs, they are not well suited to swimming.

The majority of Rottweiler enjoy being in the water and are willing to take baths. You can also bathe your dog outside with a garden hose in warmer areas like a mat or shower room will provide firm footing and keep it from slipping.

Bathing your dog should be done not even once a month at most. Rottweiler dogs are susceptible to allergies and have sensitive skin. Excessive bathing might cause it to become dry, scaly, and irritated. Make sure you only use a mild and that you completely dry it.

You will be able to keep her indoors more once you’ve mastered house training, and it must require less bathing!


Final Thoughts

You can bathe your Rottweiler every 2 – 8 weeks, depending on their lifestyle. If you and your dog enjoy an outdoorsy and active lifestyle, then bathing every 2 weeks is best. However, if your dog is mostly inside the house, bathing them after 8 weeks may be suitable too. 

Whenever you give your do a bath, remember to make sure that you use lukewarm water, a good shampoo, and a safe space. Moreover, dry your dog quickly so they don’t catch a cold, especially in winters. 


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