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What You Should Know When Bringing a Rottweiler Puppy Home

If you’re interested in adopting a Rottweiler puppy, make sure your home is ready for a new pet. You would also need to measure few important steps.

The Rottweiler, a large German breed of domestic dog, is known for its courage and loyalty.

In the United States, they are among the 10 most popular breeds in 2015. However, because these dogs can be unpredictable due to their high level of intelligence and strong protective instincts, it’s important that you know what you’re getting into before bringing one home.

Things You Need to Do Beofre Brining Rottweiler Puppy

This blog post will give you tips on how to prepare your home for your new pup!

1. Make sure your home is ready for a new pet

2. Get to know the breed before you adopt

3. Be prepared to provide plenty of exercise and socialization opportunities

4. Know what size space you have available in your home or yard

5. Learn about Rottweiler dietary needs, including food, water, and treats

6. Understand their grooming requirements – they need regular baths and brushing to remove loose hair that can cause allergies or clog up furniture with shedding fur!

7. Find out how much they cost – these dogs are expensive but worth it if you’re willing to make some initial investments for them!

8. Visit your local veterinarian to get the dog checked out and ensure that they are healthy!

Make Sure Your Home is Ready

If you’re interested in adopting a Rottweiler, make sure your home is ready for a new pet.

This dog breed has a high level of intelligence and strong protective instincts, but can be unpredictable.

It’s critical to prepare your home with the necessary precautions before bringing one home so that you have the space and time to train it properly.

Ready your home by installing a pet door or an outdoor kennel so your pup can easily come and go as they please.

Get to Know the Breed Before You Adopt

Before bringing a new Rottweiler into your family. Consider getting them spayed or neutered before they grow up to become what some people call “love machines.”

Spaying or neutering not only helps control their heat cycles. But also reduces the risk of some cancers and other health problems.

Rottweiler Puppy Would Need Plenty of Exercise and Socialization

You’ll also want to ensure your pet has plenty of physical exercises, socialization, and training opportunities.

Dogs that are bored or not properly exercised can become destructive and cause a lot of damage to your home’s furniture.

Be prepared to provide ample opportunities for them to run around your yard and get the exercise they need.

Enough Space for Your Rottweiler Puppy

If you’re thinking of bringing a Rottweiler into your home, make sure you have enough space available.

Remember that these dogs are huge, so be prepared for anything from 90-130lbs when fully grown.

This can definitely take up a lot of space in your home, so be sure you have enough room for them to move around.

They Need Grooming

Grooming is another major responsibility that comes with owning a Rottweiler.

Not only do they shed twice as much hair as most breeds, but their coats can also get easily matted and tangled if left unkempt.

Be prepared to brush his coat regularly using a firm-bristled grooming brush or shampoo him once per month.

Bathe him at least every few months during the puppy phase while they’re still learning good hygiene habits from you!

Where To Adopt Your Rottweiler Puppy

Rottweilers are expensive dogs since many people breed them just for profit instead of saving lives like true dog rescuers.

We recommend finding an ethical breeder before you consider bringing a pup into your home.

Make sure to do plenty of research on the breeder so that you know they’re giving their dogs humane treatment and care.

This can help reduce the chances of having an aggressive dog down the road!

Choosing Your Rottweiler

Before adopting or buying any animal, make sure you’ve done extensive research on what it takes to properly raise them in terms of time, money, and energy.

This is especially true for larger breeds like Rottweilers since they need more space than smaller lapdogs like Chihuahuas or Yorkies.

If you’re not ready for these kinds of responsibilities with owning a pet, then reconsider if now’s really the best time before rushing into anything without thinking it over.

Top Question People Ask Regarding This

Here are the top questions people ask about while bringing a rottweiler puppy to your home.


Where can I adopt a Rottweiler Puppy?

Many dogs end up in shelters or rescues due to unfortunate circumstances, including moving, divorce, financial problems, allergies or injuries.

Adopting a dog can be cheaper than buying one from the store, plus you’ll feel better knowing that your new pet is no longer in danger of euthanasia or worse.

What should I feed a Rottweiler?

Rottweilers are known to have sensitive stomachs, so you’ll need to be careful with what you feed them.

It’s best to consult your veterinarian and see if they have any suggestions on feeding your dog properly.

Some Rottweilers are also known to be allergic to certain types of food, so you must check with their breeder or a veterinary professional to figure out what kind of food will best suit their dietary needs.

How much should I feed my Rottweiler puppy?

Puppies need a certain amount of nutrients in their first year, so it’s important to feed them an adequate meal every day.

Consult your breeder or a veterinary professional for suggestions on what you should feed them.

What age should the pup be before adoption?

The best age to adopt a Rottweiler puppy would be around eight weeks of age. This is the time they’re ready for adoption and ready to be taken from their mother.

How long do Rottweilers live?

On average, Rottweilers live around 12-13 years of age. This varies from dog to dog, depending on their health and breed.

Can they Get Worms and Fleas, too?

Yes, Rottweilers are capable of getting worms and fleas. Be sure to treat them for both in order to prevent their health from deteriorating.

What’s the best brand of food to feed a Rottweiler?

Rottweilers are known to have sensitive stomachs, so you’ll need to be careful with what you feed them. It’s best to consult your veterinarian and see if they have any suggestions on what you should feed them.

How much exercise should they get each day?

Rottweilers are known to be very high energy dogs, so they need a lot of exercise each day.

Be sure that you have lots of time to walk your dog and play with them as well.

What kinds of activities can they participate in?

Rottweilers are brilliant dogs, so that they can learn a variety of different tricks and activities.

How much grooming will my pet need every week or month?

Rottweiler puppy need to be brushed every day and bathed when needed, especially during the times of the year they’re shedding.

Their nails should be clipped every month or so, and their teeth should be brushed twice a week.

What’s the Difference between Male Vs Female Rottweiler?

Yes, they are different from temperament, anatomy and also with other aspects. We recommend you to read the guide we wrote on the difference between rottweiler make vs female.

Are there any health problems I should be aware of when adopting a Rottweiler?

Rottweilers are prone to hip and knee problems, so you should be prepared for these kinds of expenses. They also tend to drool more than other breeds!

Do they need vaccinations or other medical treatments throughout their lifetime?

Rottweilers need to be vaccinated every year, and as they get older, some might develop arthritis or other kinds of health problems.

How much does dog insurance cost per month?

Insurance for Rottweilers can cost anywhere from $30 to well over $100 a month, depending on which company and plan you choose.

How much should I budget for food, toys, and other supplies?

Food should be around $50 a month for your Rottweiler puppy, and toys can cost anywhere from $20 to $100 depending on the type of toy you choose.

What’s the best way to housebreak them so that accidents don’t happen inside my home?

It’s best to take your Rottweiler puppy outside every two hours, so they have the opportunity to go potty. If you’re gone all day, you’ll need to look into dog walkers or doggie daycares in your area.

How much exercise should they get every day to stay healthy and happy, too?

Rottweilers need lots of exercise each day. They’re high-energy dogs that have a lot of stamina, so you should make sure to keep up with them!

Final Thoughts

Rottweilers are high-energy dogs that need to be taken care of and exercised regularly.

They’re also known for having more health problems than other breeds. Be sure to have a lot of time and money set aside for your new Rottweiler puppy!


Meet the Author ADAM HOSSAIN, As an owner of Rottweiler for 10 years, I motivate and encourage people about this lovely breed. We’re dedicated to providing you the detailed researched articles about Rottweiler, with an emphasis on Rottweiler Health, Training, and Exercises. I started my journey with Rottweiler Time in 2021 and it has come a long way from its beginnings. Thanks for Your Support.

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