Top Rottweiler Breeders In New York – 2023 Updated List

Top Rottweiler Breeders In New York

There are plenty of places online that claim to be Rottweiler breeders in New York, but in reality, they have no idea what they’re doing and they don’t care about the dog’s health or future at all.

So how do you find reputable Rottweiler breeders in New York?

Check out this list of the top 25!

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Rottweiler Breeders In New York

Kennal Name Location Phone Breeder Name
Shalimar Sparta, NJ 07871 (570) 228-9189 Terri Lambert
Vangard Rottweilers Hewitt, NJ 07421 (201) 838-0885 Gerald Robinson
vom Helligkeit Stroudsburg, PA 18360 (570) 656-3480 Christina A Kovacs
Royalty Rottweilers of Hudson Valley NY New York, NY 10001 845-401-4681 Gina
Kendel Sabal New York, NY 10030 (201) 562-7936 Kendel Sabal
Vom Der Ray Bronx, NY 10452 (646) 418-4818 silvio bernabel
Anton Fountain Brooklyn, NY 11207 (347) 556-6965 Anton Fountain
Jasperranch Rottweilers Whitestone, NY 11357 (646) 676-0690 Michalis Solomou
Bkrottie Brooklyn, NY 11210 (347) 955-9983 May
Cecil Marshall Garfield, NJ 07026 (646) 408-0629 Cecil Marshall
Essex Kennels Orange, NJ 07050 (646) 400-1533 Andre Lawrence
Peter Kaklamanakis New Rochelle, NY 10801 (914) 355-8812 Peter Kaklamanakis
Fontana Hause Rottweilers Baldwin, NY 11510 (252) 419-1108 Fontana Hause
Von Alter Meister K9 New City, NY 10956 (718) 612-1102 EMMANUEL HIDALGO
Nicole Earl Monroe, NY 10950 (845) 591-6291 Nicole Earl
VON DER GARBADE. Newburgh, NY 12550 (845) 569-9526 John Montgomery
Jam Roc Kennels Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 (516) 260-0103 Earl Lyn Jr.
Incendiary Working Rottweilers Jackson, NJ 08527 (732) 614-7778 Erika Horwitz
Judy Swit & Roy Cooper Browns Mills, NJ 08015 (908) 783-7720 Judy Swit
Vom Ruhmhaus Coram, NY 11727 (631) 871-0936 Kathleen Russo
Robinsohn Rottweilers Hatboro, PA 19040 (215) 603-5481 Robinsohn Rottweilers
Edelweiss Rottweilers Southington, CT 06489 (860) 777-5885 Kristen Masse
Von Steinhausen Rottweilers Blakeslee, PA 18610 (609) 388-1182 Melissa Steinhausen
Melissa Clark Higganum, CT 06441 (860) 918-6735 Melissa Clark
Tanesha Gantt Drexel Hill, PA 19026 (215) 499-5120 Tanesha Gantt


Profile Of Rottweiler Breeders In New York

Kennal Name AKC Registration Application Provided AKC National Breed Club Member AKC Specialty Club Member AKC Licensed/AKC Member All-Breed Club Dogs Compete in AKC Events
Vangard Rottweilers
vom Helligkeit
Royalty Rottweilers of Hudson Valley NY
Kendel Sabal
Vom Der Ray - - - - -
Anton Fountain
Jasperranch Rottweilers
Cecil Marshall
Essex Kennels
Peter Kaklamanakis
Fontana Hause Rottweilers
Von Alter Meister K9
Nicole Earl
Jam Roc Kennels
Incendiary Working Rottweilers
Judy Swit & Roy Cooper
Vom Ruhmhaus
Robinsohn Rottweilers
Edelweiss Rottweilers
Von Steinhausen Rottweilers
Melissa Clark
Tanesha Gantt


List of Rottweiler Breeders In New York


1. Shalimar

Location: Sparta, NJ 07871

Contact/ Phone: (570) 228-9189

Breeder Name: Terri Lambert


2. Vangard Rottweilers

Location: Hewitt, NJ 07421

Contact/ Phone: (201) 838-0885

Breeder Name: Gerald Robinson


3. vom Helligkeit

Location:Stroudsburg, PA 18360

Contact/ Phone:(570) 656-3480

Breeder Name: Christina A Kovacs


4. Royalty Rottweilers of Hudson Valley NY

Location: New York, NY 10001

Contact/ Phone: 845-401-4681

Breeder Name: Gina


5. Kendel Sabal

Location: New York, NY 10030

Contact/ Phone: (201) 562-7936

Breeder Name: Kendel Sabal


6. Vom Der Ray

Location: Bronx, NY 10452

Contact/ Phone: (646) 418-4818

Breeder Name: silvio bernabel


7. Anton Fountain

Location: Brooklyn, NY 11207

Contact/ Phone: (347) 556-6965

Breeder Name: Anton Fountain


8. Jasperranch Rottweilers

Location: Whitestone, NY 11357

Contact/ Phone: (646) 676-0690

Breeder Name: Michalis Solomou


9. Bkrottie

Location: Brooklyn, NY 11210

Contact/ Phone: (347) 955-9983

Breeder Name: May


10. Cecil Marshall

Location: Garfield, NJ 07026

Contact/ Phone: (646) 408-0629

Breeder Name: Cecil Marshall


11. Essex Kennels

Location: Orange, NJ 07050

Contact/ Phone: (646) 400-1533

Breeder Name: Andre Lawrence


12. Peter Kaklamanakis

Location: New Rochelle, NY 10801

Contact/ Phone: (914) 355-8812

Breeder Name: Peter Kaklamanakis


13. Fontana Hause Rottweilers

Location: Baldwin, NY 11510

Contact/ Phone: (252) 419-1108

Breeder Name: Fontana Hause


14. Von Alter Meister K9

Location: New City, NY 10956

Contact/ Phone: (718) 612-1102



15. Nicole Earl

Location: Monroe, NY 10950

Contact/ Phone: (845) 591-6291

Breeder Name: Nicole Earl



Location: Newburgh, NY 12550

Contact/ Phone: (845) 569-9526

Breeder Name: John Montgomery

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17. Jam Roc Kennels

Location: Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Contact/ Phone: (516) 260-0103

Breeder Name: Earl Lyn Jr.


18. Incendiary Working Rottweilers

Location: Jackson, NJ 08527

Contact/ Phone: (732) 614-7778

Breeder Name: Erika Horwitz


19. Judy Swit & Roy Cooper

Location: Browns Mills, NJ 08015

Contact/ Phone: (908) 783-7720

Breeder Name: Judy Swit


20. Vom Ruhmhaus

Location: Coram, NY 11727

Contact/ Phone: (631) 871-0936

Breeder Name: Kathleen Russo


21. Robinsohn Rottweilers

Location: Hatboro, PA 19040

Contact/ Phone: (215) 603-5481

Breeder Name: Robinsohn Rottweilers


22. Edelweiss Rottweilers

Location: Southington, CT 06489

Contact/ Phone: (860) 777-5885

Breeder Name: Kristen Masse


23. Von Steinhausen Rottweilers

Location: Blakeslee, PA 18610

Contact/ Phone: (609) 388-1182

Breeder Name: Melissa Steinhausen


24. Melissa Clark

Location: Higganum, CT 06441

Contact/ Phone: (860) 918-6735

Breeder Name: Melissa Clark


25. Tanesha Gantt

Location: Drexel Hill, PA 19026

Contact/ Phone: (215) 499-5120

Breeder Name: Tanesha Gantt


Final Words

If you’re ready to look into buying a new rottweiler, head on over to our directory and begin browsing through all of our Rottie breeders today. Once you find one you like, contact them directly and get all of your questions answered about specific puppies or even their business.

If you already have a dog but are looking for another one, it might be worth checking out an upcoming litter by an awesome breeder – many times these breeders will hold meet-and-greets so that owners can meet pups before they’re even born! If breeding is your passion (or maybe just something fun to do), visit our Directory and start connecting with other serious Rottie breeders online.

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