7 Ways To Make Your Rottweiler Behave Better In The Park

Some people find it annoying when other people’s dogs are constantly barking, chasing, or jumping on them in the park. The key to controlling these behaviors is focusing on them during different phases of their life. It’s important to manage the environment for your dog by removing distractions so they don’t feel the need to act out. It’s also important to teach your Rottweiler what you want him/her to do through positive reinforcement and punishment for unwanted behaviors. With these five tips, you can keep your Rottweiler under control at the park!


1. Make Sure Your Rottweiler Is Tired Before Going To The Park

A tired dog is less likely to react aggressively against other people or animals, so it’s important to get your dog tired before venturing into the park.

If you’re lucky, the Rottweiler has already played with another dog and came home tired. To get your dog more tired, you can take them on a long walk or play with them right before the walk.

If that doesn’t work, then try letting them take a nap while curled up in bed next to you, or put them in their kennel for about 15-20 minutes. This might sound like a cruel punishment for your pet, but it will eventually lead to better behavior in the park!


2. Keep Your Rottweiler On A Leash And Under Control At All Times

It’s important to keep your Rottweiler on a leash and under control at all times. If the dog is off-leash, you’re more likely to have him/her reacting aggressively against people or animals.

You can also use a long line with your dog, which will give him/her greater freedom while still keeping him/her on a leash. It’s essential to make sure that you are practicing these tips on walks anytime – not just in the park.

This way, your dog will know that whenever they are on a leash or long line, they have to follow the rules. If you don’t want them to bark at other people or dogs, then make sure they are quiet!

If you don’t want them to run away from you, make sure they are close by at all times. Etc.



3. Teach Your Dog Commands Like “Sit” And “Stay”

When you go to the park, your Rottweiler must know what you want him/her to do. Commands like “sit” and “stay” will help to keep them under control and make sure that they’re not bothering anyone.

You can also use commands like “leave it” or “drop it” if your dog is picking up things he/she isn’t supposed to.

Make sure you start practicing these commands at home before going to the park. That way, your dog will be more likely to follow your commands – and have a better time at the park, too!


4. Avoid Walking Near Other Dogs

There are certain combinations of dogs that can cause even the most well-trained dogs to act out. You will want to avoid walking near other dogs whenever possible so your dog doesn’t become too excited and try to behave aggressively. Being around you is already exciting enough!

The key to avoiding unwanted reactions with your Rottweiler is to make sure they are not near other dogs whenever possible. If your dog is near another dog, they will most likely be overjoyed and cause more unwanted reactions.

When you’re out on a walk, make sure they are not hanging around other dogs. If another dog is coming towards you, take a different route or turn around.

Avoiding other dogs while walking won’t only help with the unwanted reactions from them, but it will also protect them from other people who might walk their dogs in your direction.

Your dog might get irritated by the presence of the other dog and start barking at it. This can lead to conflict between you and the owner of that dog, and you might be asked to leave the park.


5. Don’t Let Your Rottweiler Off-leash Unless It’s An Enclosed Area

Leaving your Rottweiler off the leash in an open area like a park can be dangerous for both you and your dog. There are so many distractions in a public park – other people, animals, children – that can lead your dog astray.

It’s much easier for your dog to get lost in a large, open area and become susceptible to getting hit by a car.

Unless you’re in an enclosed area like a private backyard or securely fenced-in yard, keep your dog on a leash at all times. This will help to keep them safe and under control while you’re out and about.

If you’re not within an enclosed area, your dog must be on a leash or long line.


6. Stick With Your Pet’s Routine

When it comes to the park, most dogs are excitable creatures that always want to meet new people or animals. To keep them under control, you have to stay focused on what is allowed in the park and what is not.

For example, if your dog likes playing fetch with its favorite ball, know that it’s not allowed in the park. Once you’ve trained your dog to drop the ball when you say “drop it”, give them their fetch-ball before leaving for the park, but make sure you leave it at home.

This will remind them of what they’re good at rather than sending out confusing signals!


7. Practice Making Eye Contact

Eye contact is a powerful tool to use with dogs, especially at the park. If your Rottweiler barks at another dog while you’re looking away, then you are sending them mixed signals that are confusing for them. You don’t want to stare into your dog’s eyes for too long because that will make them uncomfortable, but make sure they are looking at you when you are at the park.

It’s best to practice eye contact with your dog before going to the park so that they can become used to it. Once they know what to expect, then you can go into the park without rushing back home with an annoying dog!



In conclusion, there are seven ways to make a Rottweiler behave better in the park. As you can see from this article, we must manage our environment and teach them what is expected of them through positive reinforcement and punishment for unwanted behaviors. With these tips, your Rottweiler will be behaving well in no time!